Relationships in the Home 

We are offering this two-session course for all who want to foster Christ-like home life!

4:00 pm 13 & 20 February 2022

Looking at different Scriptures and asking ourselves how we might develop better relationships within the home.  This is not just for people who might be having difficulties - it is for everyone.  How might we grow in our relationship with Jesus in our busy lives? How can we foster good marriages in a world where there are so many demands? How might we invest in our children that they become gospel-centred disciples, passing on what they have learnt to the next generation? These are some of the things we will be thinking about.

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During the COVID-19 Alert we are presently gathering under "Traffic Light" Level RED

All adults and children planning to attend must be pre-booked. It's easy, and it's essential to enable us to safely and properly manage numbers attending. Once booked, a place in the venue will be kept for you, and you will receive an emailed confirmation, but under the current Traffic Light COVID-19 Alert Management, without an accepted booking for each child and adult, you cannot attend. Please read and follow the Guidelines below.


The information collected when you book is used to safely manage our services and may also be used to assist in the management of the COVID-19 pandemic. It will be given to public health officials if it is required for contact tracing. We will not use it for any other purposes and will destroy it after 60 days. It will be kept securely by Howick Baptist Church.

Guidelines for Joining Us for Relationships in the Home

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Numbers able to attend our our study, Relationships in the Home, are strictly limited by the prevailing COVID-19 regulations. Under the Red setting we have a limit of 25 in the Upper Lounge where we will be holding this course. To ensure numbers attending are safely managed, those attending including children must book beforehand (using the links above) - if you haven't booked, please don't come as we will have to turn you away!

As a matter of biblical principle we have chosen not to use the New Zealand My Vaccine Pass (COVID Pass) to filter people attending gathered worship at HBC, so in each service and space there will be a mix of vaccinated and unvaccinated people. We therefore ask you to humbly consider one another as more important than yourselves (Philippians 2:3). We gather to worship God together and to encourage one another (Hebrews 10:25), so it is good to make a prayerful and thoughtful assessment in faith of the way attendance may impact on the welfare of others, or on yourself (especially if you are a "vulnerable person"), or on your children. As well as caring for, encouraging and praying for one another, we ask you to support each other's health and safety and to respect the regulations imposed by our Government (Romans 13; Titus 3) by upholding the following protocols:

  • Each adult and child attending must have pre-booked

  • Do not come if you or anyone in your household has even mild symptoms of cold, flu, sore throat or other COVID-19 symptoms

  • Use the entrance/door designated for the venue you are booked for (that will be identified in your booking confirmation email)

  • Scan in and be signed in on arrival

  • You may wear a mask if you wish but mask wearing is voluntary

  • You can mix freely with people in your venue, but please stay in your venue and do not mix with people from the other venues

  • At the close of the service, please exit by the same way you came on arrival, and do not mix with people from the other venues

We pray that this course will be a time in which God is glorified, the saving name of Jesus exalted, and the people of God blessed.

  • Sun, 13 Feb
    Upper Lounge, Howick Baptist Church
    13 Feb, 4:00 pm
    Upper Lounge, Howick Baptist Church, 17 Wellington Street, Howick, Manukau 2014, New Zealand
  • Sun, 20 Feb
    Upper Lounge, Howick Baptist Church
    20 Feb, 4:00 pm NZDT
    Upper Lounge, Howick Baptist Church, 17 Wellington Street, Howick, Manukau 2014, New Zealand