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Whilst there are many great Christian websites that could be listed below, we only list ministries that we have a personal connection with (either it's a program we run in the church, or HBC people serve or have served on the ministry’s board).

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Christianity is pretty simple. It’s all about one life, the life of Jesus. On this website you can explore Christianity and think about what life’s all about in your own way, at your own pace.


Equip Conference (formerly known as YLC) is an inspiring and challenging week of bible teaching and group workshops that aims to provide people of all ages with tools to lead Bible-based groups. Each year, members of our church often attend.

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The Gospel Training Trust was set up in 2008 to encourage ministry in New Zealand that focuses on the Bible as God’s living word for today. This is done by hosting conferences to equip all Christians to live out the Word, and by running the TIM Training Course to equip any who would teach the Bible in any context.

Find Out More About Jesus 

Another neat video just for kids!

Tractors, Forests, and a Real Tent

What's best for fun? A lego tractor or a real one? What's best for talking to Jesus? God's tent on earth or the real temple in heaven it pictured? 


Do you stop eating ice cream half way through?

God Always Finishes What He Starts

Sam explains Philippians 1:6 for kids.

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Christmas Outreach


Grace Theological College is a New Zealand non-denominational, evangelical and reformed Bible training college committed to training and equipping men and women for service in the Kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ.


Gracebooks NZ exists because of a passion for God’s goal to come alongside churches and God’s people to make available doctrinally sound Christian resources, to help in the equipping of the saints. Gracebooks sell Christian books, music and literature produced by godly men and women who long to see God’s Word transform lives.


Slavic Gospel Association serves Bible-preaching churches in Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States by helping native pastors and churches reach their own people with the gospel. You can sponsor an orphan, provide for widows, or support a church planter half-way across the world.


Ever heard of a guy called Richard Wurmbrand? He was imprisoned in Communist Russia and wrote a book called Tortured for Christ. After being freed he began a ministry for persecuted Christians called Voice of the Martyrs. VOM ministers at the sharp edge of Christian persecution, in countries such as: North Korea, the Muslim states, Africa, Asia, China and the Russian steppes, supporting churches and families widowed or isolated from spouses imprisoned and tortured.


We have a supply of this book  to give this Christmas as a personal gift to a friend, work mate or family member you are praying for. They are free to you, but they us cost $4.20 each so if you wish you can make a donation when you get yours from the table in the foyer. 

We also have a number of vouchers for eBook versions you can give either as a paper voucher or electronically. Order yours here.

Video for Children

An Easter Special for Children ...

Resurrection Eggs!

Come and join Sophie, one of our Sunday School teachers, on an Easter Egg hunt and learn about what happened the very first Easter Sunday!

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Just for Kids:

Getting things in the Right Order 

Do you put your breakfast plate in the cornflakes, or the cornflakes in the plate? A fun message for kids from the Sunday School team at Grace Church Greenwich, London. 


Singing with the Getty Family

We love and regularly sing the hymns written and sung by Keith & Kristyn Getty. Here they have their children sing with them - they're inviting you to join in at home with them!


More for kids ...

The BIg Picture Story Bible

Stories Read from the Big Picture Story Bible

Free download, free listening!

Colouring Pages from the Big Picture Story Bible

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