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Encouraging, equipping and nurturing ministry gifts  

Paths to Ministry

"All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness, so that the servant of God may be thoroughly equipped for every good work."

2 Timothy 3:16,17



Paths to Ministry is not a programme; it is not a seminar; but it is a focus on growing ministry gifts across the life and ministries of HBC. Paths to Ministry is a natural extension of HBC's focus on Discipleship initiated in 2022.


Through Paths to Ministry we aim: 

  1. To encourage, equip and nurture ministry gifts that God has invested in our members by making available and utilising a range of training pathways within and beyond our church

  2. To strengthen HBC and the wider church with well equipped, faithful and biblical workers equipped for service in HBC, other churches or church plants, and in mission.


Paths to Ministry 'focuses on growing members' varied ministry gifts through three overlapping contexts:

participation, service, and training

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Participation in the life of the church as a member is critical to growing gifts of ministry. Basic to faithful ministry of any sort is joining with the church as "members of one body" (Eph 4:25) in church membership, submitting to each other (Eph 5:21) while building one another up in Christ (1 Thes 5:11). Participating in the Sunday Worship of the gathered Body of Christ (Heb 10:25) is at the very heart of church life. Ministry gifts are identified, affirmed and grown as members join in Sunday Worship, Home and Group Bible Studies, Prayer Meetings, Teams, Outreach, and other ministries and fellowship opportunities. 

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Service in appropriate ministries in the church and in the Christian community not only nurtures growth in areas of interest, skill and aspiration, but can also identify and develop unexpected gifts. Willingness and commitment to serve in present opportunities is an essential attribute of those called to any ministry in the church ~ while unwillingness to serve because the opportunities don't match your perceived gifts is a sure marker of lack of ministry gifting! Wherever you serve, our aim is to support and grow your service through fellowship with those around you, the guidance of ministry leaders, and the oversight of the pastoral team. 



Training opportunities within the church range from on-to-one mentoring, through study groups, workshops, classes and course, to specific leadership roles and internships. These may be features of our normal church life, or they may be initiatives arising from needs in the church or in response to gifts observed in individuals. In addition, we encourage all members to engage in the wider church and Christian community with conferences and workshops, enrolling in local and online courses, and engaging in part-time or full-time courses and seminary training. We are committed to providing prayer, pastoral care and (where possible) financial sponsorship in their training for members recognised as called to pastoral and mission service .

Opportunities & Resources



List such things as Bible Reading in services, music teams, service leadership, Sunday School and Youth Group, Bible Studies and Language courses etc.

List such things as we are already engaged in as well as other opportunities such as Campus Ministries, Bible Distribution, Bible in Schools, Prison Minsitries,  etc.

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In the Community



List such things as Equip,  etc.

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On the Internet

List such things as TGC Videos, Biblemesh,  etc



List such things as Grace Auckland, SMBC etc

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