Booking for Worship & Relationships Study

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During the COVID-19 Alert we are presently gathering for worship under "Traffic Light" Level RED

Book now!

All adults and children planning to attend should be pre-booked. It's easy, and it's essential to enable us to safely and properly manage numbers attending in each venue. Once booked, a place in the venue will be kept for you, and you will receive an emailed confirmation, but under the current Traffic Light COVID-19 Alert Management, without an accepted booking for each child and adult, seating may not be available. Please read and follow the Guidelines below.



The information collected when you book may be used to assist in the management of the COVID-19 pandemic. It will be given to public health officials in the event that it is required for contact tracing. We will not use it for any other purpose and will destroy it after 60 days. It will be kept securely here at Howick Baptist Church.


Guidelines for Joining Us in Sunday Gathered Worship

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Numbers able to attend our Gathered Worship on Sundays are strictly limited by the prevailing COVID-19 regulations. Under the Red setting we have a congregation of 25 in each of our Main Auditorium (from where we stream the service as a live stream here) and in three other separated spaces. To ensure numbers attending are safely managed, those attending should book themselves and any accompanying children beforehand (using the links above) - if you haven't booked, there may not be a seat available.